A groundbreaking community for Jewish & Jew-ish women


Tailored especially for modern Jewish and Jew-ish women across the globe,

Smashing Life is the non-judgemental, warm and engaging private community that newlyweds have been asking Karen Cinnamon, founder of Smashing The Glass, to create for years.

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You asked for it… we’re doing it!

After years of asking Karen Cinnamon, the founder of Smashing The Glass, to create a lifestyle community, it’s finally here!

Smashing Life is our warm and engaging community for Jewish and Jew-ish newlyweds and marrieds, where you can meet like-minded women and talk about… well, EVERYTHING.

Continuing the sense of connection and community so treasured inside Smashing The Glass’s much-loved Brides Club, Smashing Life is the new space to share, celebrate, support, and navigate life after the wedding - both online and in-person.

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Life after the wedding

Your wedding was incredible. It was better than you could ever have imagined. For all the fears and worries it could not have been more perfect.

But it’s not just about that one special day... it’s about starting life as husband and wife (or wife and wife) together as a unit, and building upon it.

It’s about creating a meaningful and inspired life, not just for you and your partner, but also for you as an individual as you transition into this exciting new stage of life.

A sense of belonging and community

Inside Smashing Life there’s a sense of closeness and community. In our supportive nurturing environment, no matter what’s going on in your life, we’ve got you. 

We have dedicated discussion threads, in-house experts, group hangouts, live video Q&A sessions with special guests, recipe inspo, fitness accountability, regular in-person meet-ups, and that’s just to get started.

24/7 you’ll be able to throw out a question - whether it’s looking for a product recommendation or something more serious like advice for dealing with in-laws - we’ve got you covered.

Whilst you can talk about ANYTHING inside the space safe of Smashing Life (nothing is off limits), we’ll be focusing on the following themes in the form of chats, masterclasses, monthly challenges, Q&As, and in-person meet-ups, and it goes without saying that it’s a safe confidential space for you to share your ideas, issues and experiences on these topics as well:

  • Health + wellbeing

  • Family planning + pregnancy

  • Jewish life

  • Family + in-laws

  • Marriage + your relationship

  • House hunting + interiors

  • Entertainment + date nights

  • Finances

  • Career + work/life balance

  • Entertaining + recipes

  • Travel

  • Mental health + self-care


To Join

Membership to Smashing Life costs just $10 (that’s just over £8) per month FOR LIFE.

That works out at less than 35 cents / 28p a day!

We hope that for the price of a couple of fancy coffees (and we give plenty of fancy coffees away inside Smashing Life - just you wait and see!), you’ll come away with a priceless amount of insider knowledge and, more importantly, new friends and connections to share a coffee with.

As we add new features and resources, the price of membership will regularly increase to reflect the fantastic variety of benefits on offer, but you’ll forever be locked in at your sign-up membership price for as long as you stay with us.

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So if you are ready...

… to be part of a groundbreaking Jewish and Jew-ish community for go-getting women…

… for opportunities to arise from a simple conversation or shared vision…

… to facilitate connections that can be taken offline, whether you want to start a new creative project, meet new people, or if you're considering moving to an alternative area or town...

…You are ready for Smashing Life.

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My Story

I’m Karen Cinnamon, and I’m the founder of Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest Jewish wedding blog.

I founded Smashing The Glass back in 2013, when I was preparing for my own wedding, and it began to dawn on me that there was no single place that brought together creative, inventive and original ideas for style-focused Jewish (and Jew—ish) couples.

Smashing The Glass was born, and the business took off very quickly. Within two years it became the world’s biggest Jewish wedding platform. And now in 2019, six years later, we are a fabulous team of three with offices in London and New York City.

In addition to the main Smashing The Glass platform, we have a wildly successful members club for Jewish and Jew-ish brides, called Brides Club that launched in 2018.

And it’s the incredible community aspect of Brides Club that fuelled me into finally creating Smashing Life, the after-the-wedding-sisterhood that newlyweds have been asking me to create for years!

And I don’t say sisterhood lightly… Brides Club members themselves coined the hashtag #BridesClubSisters as they feel so supported and uplifted by each other.

The connections, progress, and empowerment generated from Brides Club have inspired me to create a follow-on community for Brides Club members, for life after the wedding, Smashing Life, and I could not be more excited for this powerful new community.

I invite you to join me inside Smashing Life. Let’s do this!


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