Newlywed Interviews:

What I Wish I’d Known

Each month, Karen sits down with a ‘just-married’ Jewish or Jew-ish Bride for a candid interview to discuss what worked with her wedding planning, and also (as Brides Club is a confidential space) what didn’t, so that you can learn from not only her best tips, but possibly her regrets (if any).

Interviews cover topics from wedding dress shopping to choosing vendors, putting the chuppah ceremony together, number of guests, timing, scheduling, the role of family and in-laws, budget and spending, and what (if anything) DIDN’T go to plan and how did the bride overcame the problem(s)


Jessica is from NYC (where she lived until 2015) but now lives in Houston, Texas, and had her wedding there in May 2019. She is a much-loved member of Brides Club, and now Smashing Life.

february 2019 | LACEY KOVACIC

Lacey lives in California, and got married at the La Canada Flintridge Country Club Park, in May 2018. She is a member of Brides Club, and now Smashing Life, and you can see her interfaith Jewish wedding on STG here.


JANUARY 2019 | CATHERINE richman

Catherine lives in Miami, and got married at the Gramercy Park Hotel, NYC, in November 2018. She is a member of Brides Club, and you can see her ‘Judaism Lite’ wedding (as she coined it!) on Smashing The Glass here.

Karen’s biggest takeaways from CATHERINE’S interview were:

  1. Schedule enough time for your formal photos

  2. Send timelines of the day to your VIP guests / bridal party in advance

  3. Have a day-of co-ordinator

  4. If you’re hiring a videographer (highly recommend you do!) be sure to negotiate all the raw footage into your contract

  5. Do not go dress shopping with a large group

  6. Purchase your dress undergarments before the final fitting, and take them with you to the last few appointments

  7. Breathe! Don’t get caught up in the small stuff!


 DECEMBER 2018 | Jeanette Grosman

Jeanette lives in Chicago and is a member of Brides Club. She got married at Le Meridien, Chicago, Illinois in May 2018 and you can see her wedding on Smashing The Glass here.

Karen’s biggest takeaways from JEANETTE’S interview were:

  1. Personalize your ceremony and make it as inclusive as possible (Listen at 11 mins 10 secs)

  2. Jeanette + Chris had the brilliant idea to “table hop” during dinner: instead of staying in one place for the whole meal (or, alternately, running around frantically with no time to eat), they chose four tables to sit at, one for each course. That way, they were able to spend time with more of their guests, in a relaxed way.(Listen at 14 mins 7 secs)

  3. Hire a videographer! (Listen at 25 mins 20 secs)

  4. Let it go! Something BIG went wrong… listen to Jeanette’s attitude to a huge mistake by her DJ (Listen at 29 mins 11 secs)


 november 2018 | Caroline Kellar

Caroline lives in London and is a member of Brides Club. She got married in Cheshire, North of England in October 2018 and you can see pictures of her wedding here

Karen’s biggest takeaways from caroline’s interview were:

  1. It’s the symbolic moments that make the day, not the aesthetics or the vendors or the things that cost money. (23:38)

  2. RE: Guest list dilemmas, as long as you’re not compromising on who you want at your wedding, don’t worry too much about your parents invitees (as long as you’re ok for capacity!) (30:20)

  3. Caroline wishes she would have paid a visit to The Wedding Gallery. (32:00)

  4. Make sure that key members of your wedding party will 100% be there on time. (34:00)

  5. Email the people you know you want to be in your group portraits a week before to let them know in advance (34:52)

  6. Walk slowly down the aisle, and tell your bridal party to walk slowly down the aisle too. (35:35)

  7. Hire a videographer - it’s a must. (39:16) 


Sarah lives in New York City and is a member of Brides Club. She had a destination wedding in Israel in June 2018 and you can see it on Smashing The Glass here.

Karen’s biggest takeaways from Sarah’s interview were:

  1. Don’t just take photos of your wedding dress when you’re dress shopping, take videos of you in the dress and walk! (Listen at 20 mins 45 secs)

  2. Be confident in your choices. Listen to your own opinions - not just everyone else’s ! (Listen at 33 mins 23 secs)



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