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Jewish (and interfaith Jew-ish) wedding checklists, templates, sample spreadsheets, for every step of the way


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24/7 non-judgemental advice and support from Karen + an inclusive community of brides-to-be


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  • Everything you need for whatever stage you’re at (whether you’re newly engaged, or just weeks away).

  • Live Monthly ‘Wedding Planning Solved’ Calls

  • A thriving community of like-minded supportive brides-to-be

  • Free smash glass pouch for under the chuppah

  • 100s of handpicked wedding discounts covering all styles, budgets and locations

  • Jewish Wedding Dates to Avoid 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

  • Spotify Hora Playlists

  • Sample Jewish Wedding Day Timeline

  • Ceremony Program Template

  • The 8 Weeks-To-Go Action Plan

  • The 1 Week-To-Go Action Plan

  • Ultimate Jewish Wedding Checklist

  • Top 50 Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To at a Jewish Wedding

  • All the Jewish Wedding Traditions and the Top Ways to Personalize Them

  • The music you'll need for your ceremony - traditional and alternative songs

  • Sample budget spreadsheet

  • Jewish Wedding Photo Checklist

  • Questions to ask a Rabbi

  • Questions to ask a Wedding Venue

  • Questions to ask a Band or DJ

  • Questions to ask a Wedding Planner

  • Questions to ask a Caterer

  • Questions to ask a Photographer

  • Questions to ask a Videographer

  • Questions to ask a Florist

  • Questions to ask a Hair Stylist

  • Questions to ask a Make Up Artist

  • Questions to put in your wedding website FAQs

  • The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding in Israel

  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Production at Weddings

  • Guest List Decider

  • Bridal Beauty, Skincare and Makeup Tips

  • 18 Cute Grooms Gift Ideas

  • 20 Cute Favor Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

  • Questions for your wedding website FAQ

  • Candid video interviews from just-married Jewish and Jew-ish newlyweds

  • Emergency hotline direct to Karen Cinnamon, the world’s #1 Jewish wedding expert

Get full access to me,

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  • Ask me anything in my private, members only-community

  • Everything you need for whatever stage you’re at (whether you’re newly engaged, or just weeks away).

  • Weekly live Q&A wedding clinic

  • Monthly live' ‘Wedding Planning Solved’ Calls

  • Access to my tried-and-trusted, verified vendor network complete with members-only discounts to all.

  • Live masterclasses with my circle of trusted wedding experts (Rabbis, Photographers, Caterers, Make Up Artists, Venue experts)

  • Members-only direct emergency hotline to ask me anything

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Plus, once you join you'll receive the coolest SMASHED IT pouch for your glass for under the chuppah! 

Designed by me after I saw too many glasses wrapped in napkins, ugly velvet pouches (or even foil!) I decided to create my very own 'smashing the glass' smash glass pouch, and every member receives one as soon as they join!

Beautifully designed in the finest materials, it makes for a beautiful heirloom pouch to be passed down from generation to generation for beautiful chuppah scene after beautiful chuppah scene.

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You’re engaged (yay!) …. and I get it

  • You want to be different but fulfil certain expectations.

  • You want to be cost efficient without seeming to scrimp.

  • You want to involve friends and family without causing them a ton of work and stress.

  • You want to throw an amazing party that will appeal to quite a disparate group of people... and across the generations.

Most of these pressures apply to ALL weddings but there are extra levels of pressure for Jewish weddings – how much of the traditional stuff do you do? How do you cater for kosher guests? The chuppah, the ketubah, the glass, kippot, the rituals, the rabbi...

But also, there is something within our community about creating huge weddings – the  involvement of family, and the amount of money spent that is so much more onerous than other weddings and cultures.

There are many conflicting pressures – the relationship, the money, the families, the spiritual aspect, the fact that you’re on show and your creativity and interestingness and fun-ness is up for potential scrutiny.

And that’s where Brides Club comes in…

Just imagine having all the tools, resources  and support you need to plan your perfect wedding your way, whilst keeping everyone around you happy.

Just imagine honest candid advice from not only me, but also just-married Jewish and Jew-ish brides, eager to tell you what worked for them (and also what they wish they’d known when they were in your shoes)

No more feeling overwhelmed, no more feeling stuck in the middle of family dramas and not knowing what to do. No more wondering where to start, or what order to do everything in, or feeling concerned that you’re being ripped off, or wondering how on earth you keep everybody happy.

You shouldn’t have to spend your time guessing, and trial-and-erroring your way to the best day of your life.

And just imagine having immediate access to handpicked discounts and generous gifts from wedding vendors that I've personally sifted and sorted through to meet my rigorous standards (and yours).

No more scouring the internet for the perfect wedding vendors, no more negotiating discounts with your dream vendors – I’ve done all the work for you.

You deserve the resources, support, advice and negotiated discounts you need to ensure you have your perfect wedding, your way.

Brides Club with Karen Cinnamon,

the world’s leading Jewish wedding expert

Brides Club is the place to be for all the ‘Can’t Plan Without’ Jewish and interfaith Jew-ish wedding resources, support, straight-talking advice and handpicked discounts you need to ensure you have an unforgettable Jewish (or Jew-ish) wedding, whilst keeping everyone around you ‘on-side’.

Brides Club is for you whatever stage of planning you’re it (from newly engaged to weeks away).

And Brides Club is for you whether you’re using a planner, or planning solo.

Membership gives you access to my step-by-step advice for every stage, with checklists, and resources for planning your perfect day, that not only saves you time and money, but also keeps everyone around you happy.

For just $25 (or £19) a month you’ll receive weekly live Q&A’s with me, monthly ‘Wedding Planning Solved’ calls, a gorgeous smash glass pouch for under the chuppah, live masterclasses with trusted wedding experts, plus access to my tried-and-trusted, verified vendor network, 100’s of exclusive handpicked discounts, my ‘can’t-plan-without’ library of Jewish wedding checklists and resources (worth $197) the emergency bridal hotline direct to me, and SO much more!

I’m going to show you exactly to plan an unforgettable wedding, whilst keeping everyone around you happy AND save you time and money.

It really does exist!

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Here’s what Brides Club membership includes

Keep your friends and family (and the rabbi) happy and still have the wedding you want

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So Karen, who are you?

I’m Karen Cinnamon, the world’s #1 Jewish wedding expert and Founder & Editor of Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest Jewish wedding blog.

I’ve been there myself, planning my own wedding planning back in 2013, and subsequently helping 1000’s of Jewish and Jew-ish Brides as Founder + Editor of Smashing The Glass which I started just after I got married, over 5 years ago.

Back in 2013, when I was preparing for my own wedding, it began to dawn on me that there was no single place that brought together creative, inventive and original ideas for style-focused couples planning their Jewish (and Jew-ish) weddings.

The platform grew rapidly but the more it grew, the more I realised that a resource like Brides Club was needed to REALLY help Jewish and Jew-ish brides plan an unforgettable wedding whilst keeping everyone around them ‘on side’ and happy.

But don't just take my word for it...

Newlywed, Catherine Blair Richman from Miami, tells us how Brides Club transformed her wedding planning.

See her New York City wedding here


Bride-to-be, Amy Packham from London, tells us how Brides Club took her from overwhelmed to empowered, and how being a Brides Club member’s been the "best decision I've ever made”

The Jewish Chronicle – June 2018

“Cinnamon is probably more hands-on for club members than their own maids of honour.”

See the full article and review of Brides Club by journalist member, Rosa D here.

The Jewish Chronicle – June 2018
Jessica Z – USA Bride married in May 2020

“My first experience in the Brides Club was a 1-on-1 video chat with Karen where I essentially bombarded her with all of my questions, concerns and insecurities regarding planning a Jewish wedding. She responded with kindness, patience, and a genuine desire to help me. Her smile alone helped settle my nerves and I knew from that point on, I had at least 1 person to guide me along my journey.

As I continued on in Brides Club, I learned about the invaluable resource guides on the website. They gave me step by step instructions and advice to answer even more of my Jewish wedding planning questions. Moreover, Karen is always looking to expand and improve upon them so the benefits increased along the way. She quickly created a guide on photography when I inquired about it, and it's really validating to know that my individual concerns mattered.

Last, but not least, the incredible support from the women of the Brides Club on Facebook reminded me each day that I was in fact not the only one out there going through this. We get to rely on each other for ideas and advice; and now that I'm a Mrs., I am so happy to share what I learned with future brides.

This community is everything. I can't imagine planning my Jewish wedding without it. And looking back I feel really lucky and grateful to have had it as part of my journey.”

Jessica Z – USA Bride married in May 2020
Caroline B – UK Bride married in October 2018.

“Even though we used a wedding planner, I honestly couldn’t have planned my wedding without Brides Club and all your advice and recommendations. I found my dress, photographer and hair stylist (and used their discounts and gifts too!) all through Brides Club, and your advice and focus early on really helped clarify things for me.”

Caroline B – UK Bride married in October 2018.
Dani, USA Bride married in Israel in September 2019

“Being an über-practical person by nature and knowing there's only one way to get things done right, especially when planning a wedding, it's always best to go straight to the experts.

This is Karen Cinnamon and Brides Club in a nutshell. Through every indecision and need for guidance or a good referral, Karen and the other brides have been so generous with suggestions, help and even a little entertainment on the side to break up the intensity of planning my wedding.

By far my favourite aspect of being part of this club was getting INSTANT answers to questions I had. No matter where you are, there is always someone online to bounce ideas off of. I wish I knew about Brides Club before I started planning, it would have saved me so many headaches.”

Dani, USA Bride married in Israel in September 2019
Ariella W – UK bride-to-be getting married in May 2020

“My biggest drive for joining Brides Club was the whole acceptance of having an interfaith wedding.

I had already been following Smashing The Glass for months before I even got engaged, especially all the interfaith weddings. I came to a realisation that I could still have a Jewish ceremony and get married by a Rabbi even though my partner wasn’t Jewish.

The first thing I did after I got engaged was join Brides Club and it honestly has been the best decision I have made.

Not only did I find out that there are a lot more interfaith weddings happening than I originally thought but I also found out how truly amazing the community within Brides Club really is. We are definitely one big family wanting to help each other during difficult situations and celebrate all the exciting milestones throughout the planning process.

Without Karen and the Brides Club I wouldn’t be able to navigate our interfaith wedding between Jewish and Hindu the way we have. I can’t thank Karen enough for all the help and time she dedicates to all of us. She truly is incredible.”

Ariella W – UK bride-to-be getting married in May 2020
Rebecca B – UK bride-to-be getting married in London in December 2019

“Working in events I believed planning my wedding would be a walk in the park, so when Karen invited me to join Brides Club I thought it was completely unnecessary. How wrong was I?!

Brides Club is not just a forum for brides to just discuss flowers, music and dress shopping (it can be, and having your tribe during this time can be super helpful) but for me it's the emotional support that has given me the strength to plan my wedding, my way.

Karen has taken me through this process in baby steps. Giving me hints and tips (along with the bride tribe) helping me tackle each moment bit by bit, eliminating all my anxieties.

Wow! Felt a bit emotional writing that. Karen, you're great.”

Rebecca B – UK bride-to-be getting married in London in December 2019
Janine W – UK Bride-to-be getting married in Scotland in June 2020

“I had been a fan of the Smashing The Glass blog and Instagram page long before I joined Brides Club. I enjoyed reading about the varied and beautiful weddings that were featured.

As a non-Jewish bride who is marrying a Jewish man, I was keen to learn about the intricacies of Jewish wedding traditions and the cultural norms.

As an outsider it has been a challenge adjusting to and handling certain expectations of me, and this was one of the main reasons why I joined Brides Club.

Karen and my fellow “Brides Club Sisters" have really helped ease my anxiety and given me practical tips on how to handle situations and people.

The community and Karen are incredibly supportive and Karen’s knowledge and advice is second to none; she’s super kind and thoughtful too!

I look forward to catching up on the action inside the Facebook community and it’s one of the first things I do when I wake up every day.

For anyone considering Brides Club there’s no doubt you should join- it’s a supportive, friendly and safe space which will help you create the wedding of your dreams!)”

Janine W – UK Bride-to-be getting married in Scotland in June 2020
Jeanette K – USA Bride just married in July 2019

“The personal outreach and appeal to a specific group of brides is what makes it so special. I got help with so many things such as in writing my speech, deciding on a veil, buying a smash glass (and knowing how to use the pieces after), designing a cake, picking songs, and many other elements I’m forgetting now! And the community is one-of-a-kind”

Jeanette K – USA Bride just married in July 2019
Sarah S – USA Bride married in August 2018

“Even though I had a wedding planner, it didn’t stop me from benefitting from Brides Club every single day. Karen helped me find my wedding venue, the vendors,  the extras… it’s a miracle I didn’t find my husband on it too!”

Sarah S – USA Bride married in August 2018
Sarah D – USA Bride getting married in November 2019

“I’m really enjoying being a part of the Brides Club, and the best part has been how approachable you make the daunting amount of wedding information out there easier by breaking it up.

I can watch a video on planning my ceremony, choosing a ketubah, or nearly anything I search for on my lunch break or the way home from work! Being able to gradually educate myself through the weekly topics you choose has been a relief and actually allows me to make time for the wedding.”

Sarah D – USA Bride getting married in November 2019
Samantha M – UK, new member getting married in London, UK, in 2019

“Smashing the Glass was a guilty pleasure of mine long before I got engaged (don’t tell my fiancé). Joining Brides Club was a no brainer - it’s a great community, access to the ultimate wedding guru (Karen) is invaluable and we’ve already booked three of our vendors with our 10% Brides Club discount, literally saving us thousands. My only regret is not joining sooner!”

Samantha M – UK, new member getting married in London, UK, in 2019
Caroline P, UK Bride married in September 2017

“I can’t imagine what my wedding would have looked like without Brides Club. Simply put, being part of the club made our wedding happen the way we wanted it to.   

Karen is so non-judgmental and just made me feel so relaxed. She turned my feeling of overwhelm into excitement, and provided a solution for every problem plus so many creative ideas I had never even thought of before.   

Karen’s positivity and outside-the-box thinking got me on the right track and helped me move forward from engagement to planning a wedding.   

With Karen’s guidance, I knew that the wedding would turn out amazing, even before anything had been done. Being inside Brides Club feels like being with a friend - someone truly invested in helping you and having your best interest at heart”

Caroline P, UK Bride married in September 2017


Can grooms / mother of the bride / mother of the groom / bridesmaids join too?

Definitely! Brides Club is tailored to anyone planning, or helping to plan, a Jewish or Jew-ish wedding. Don’t be put off by the term ‘bride’ - everyone is welcome, whether you’re a groom from a same-sex wedding, a helpful maid of honor or a parent of the bride or groom.

Is Brides Club still for me if I am using a wedding planner?

Of course! See what one of our members says about using Brides Club alongside her wedding planner. There are so many benefits to joining the club, such as non-judgemental and ‘no-agenda’ advice and support from me on any topic (emotional or practical) at any time, plus an extensive library of Jewish wedding resources and checklists that no planners have access to, plus the members-only emergency hotline direct to me to ask me anything at any time, plus SO many more reasons (all listed above!)

Can I gift a Brides Club membership to a loved one?

Absolutely! A Brides Club membership is the perfect engagement gift! Email brides@smashingtheglass.com if you would like to purchase Brides Club membership as an engagement gift.

Do you give personal help and attention to me and my wedding inside Brides Club?

Yes! I’m keen to move you forward with your wedding planning every step of the way. I am on hand every Wednesday for a weekly live Q&A and there’s the members-only emergency hotline direct to me to ask me anything at any time!

Do I need to be Jewish to sign up?

Brides Club is run by me, Karen, founder of Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest Jewish wedding blog. I welcome non-Jewish or Jew-ish reader with open arms, but it’s worth bearing in mind that everything about the Club is tailored with a Jewish wedding in mind.

Can I see the list of discounts and gifts on offer before I sign up?

If you wish to enquire about a particular vendor’s gift or discount prior to signing up, please email emily@smashingtheglass.com

My wedding date is very soon. Is it still worth joining?

Absolutely! Brides Club is value packed whatever stage you’re at, and besides it’s a monthly fee, so if you only want to join for one month that’s absolutely fine!

In my experience, the final few weeks of planning can often be the most challenging so you’ll definitely want access to my ‘8 weeks to go action plan’, hora Spotify playlist, ceremony program template, and so many more can’t-plan-without members-only resources and guides (and SO much more!)

I'm a wedding vendor - can I join Brides Club?

Brides Club is (as the name suggests) for brides, and their friends and family. It is not a club for wedding vendors.

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what do i get for my monthly membership?

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$25 per month

  • Live Monthly ‘Wedding Planning Solved’ Calls with in person with Karen Cinnamon

  • All your wedding questions – answered instantly

  • Smash Glass Pouch for under the chuppah

  • 100s of handpicked 10% discounts covering all styles, budgets and locations

  • 8 weeks-to-go action plan

  • 1 week-to-go action plan

  • How to Change Your Name in 10 Simple Steps (USA and UK versions)

  • The ultimate Jewish wedding planner kit, worth $197

  • Clearly laid out Jewish wedding checklists for every stage of planning from newly engaged, to weeks away.

  • Spotify Hora Playlists

  • Full access to the step-by-step videos for planning an unforgettable Jewish wedding (whilst keeping everyone happy).

  • Wedding Ceremony Program Template

  • The music you'll need for your ceremony - traditional and alternative songs

  • ‘Just-Married Brides Get Candid’ live interviews with newlyweds

  • Invitations to exclusive members-only events

  • Private, members-only Facebook community

  • Live masterclasses with trusted wedding experts (Rabbis, Photographers, Caterers etc)

  • Emergency bridal hotline

  • $25/month + cancel at any time

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