• Your wedding is just weeks away and the stress and anxiety are slowly seeping in with how much there is to do. 

  • You're knee deep in wedmin, logistics, and people-pleasing and you also may be dealing with conflicting opinions from different sides of the family. Enter Karen, your official peacemaker with all the advice you need for a calm and stress-free lead up to your Big Day!

Your wedding is just weeks away - it’s so exciting but I know… it still feels like there’s SO much to do!

First thing’s first, grab your ‘8 weeks to go action plan’ below - this is literally a life saver for those final few weeks!

Download now!


If you’d rather ‘at-a-glance’ action steps, see below, and then watch the must-see video advice from me at this stage.

As always, if you have any questions, ask me inside the Facebook group and I’ll get them answered! I’m so so excited for you :-)

Action steps:

  • If overwhelm starts to creep in, go back to this video, it will get you right back on track.

  • If you're not using a wedding planner, have you considered a day-of planner (DOC) to take charge of everything on your Big Day? These are the questions to ask a potential DOC, and if you need a recommendation for one please email

  • If you’re not using a wedding planner or day-of planner, nominate one (or a team of) organised and trusted friends / family to be the point of contact on the day for your venue / caterer / photographer. Give all of your vendors their name and number. (This person must NOT be you!)

  • Create a day-of timeline if you are not working with a DOC or a planner (here’s a sample timeline but yours should be much more detailed!) and share it with your wedding party

  • Close the computer, have a weekend break, go to the cinema, book yourself a massage, have a quiet dinner with your fiancé, realise there is life beyond the wedding AND trust your vendors! Your vendors have probably been doing this for years - and you're paying them to do it! You have a lot to prepare in the last two months as the bride but limit the stress by knowing your vendors will do their job

  • Deal with planning politics and keep focused on the bigger picture (watch this video to get back on track)

  • Write and practise your speech (lots of tips here)

  • Get your smash glass pouch ready! (As a Brides Club member, this is our membership gift to you :-)

  • Think about whether or not you want to see each other a week before the wedding (or just the night before)?

  • Get clear on your music choices (watch this video and see this resource - they’ll help enormously)

  • Get to know your wedding shoes! Feel them out, break them in… and if despite your best efforts they remain less than comfortable, consider investing in a comfier pair for the reception!

VIDEO: Successful Seating Plans

Everything You Need To Know

VIDEO: How to not feel overwhelmed with wedmin and family pressures

during the weeks before your wedding


Dealing with Family Drama During Wedding Planning

Dealing with Family Drama
During Wedding Planning

VIDEO: Why you mustn't try to please everybody

and elegant ways to go about it!



Dealing with Family Drama During Wedding Planning

Dealing with Family Drama
During Wedding Planning